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Property of a window which allows you to select off-display background re-paints. This can dramatically reduce screen flicker in some situation (such as animated GIF images), but incurs a potentially large memory overhead.

The default value is zero (0) which draws directly to the screen. This is fastest and incurs no memory overhead, but may create flicker in some cases.

Assigning one (1) allocates a permanent memory buffer for the window. This is quite fast, but incurs the most memory overhead.

Assigning two (2) reallocates a memory buffer for the window each time a re-paint is required. This is slower, but incurs the least memory overhead while still reducing flicker.


WinView WINDOW('Child One'),AT(0,0,320,200),MDI,MAX,HVSCROLL




WinView{PROP:Buffer} = 1    !Permanent redraw buffer for the window

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