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Property of a WINDOW which returns one (1) if AcceptAll mode is active and zero (0) if it is not, and may also be used to toggle AcceptAll (non-stop) mode. SELECT with no parameters usually initiates AcceptAll mode. This is a field edit mode in which each control in the window is processed by generating EVENT:Accepted for each. This allows data entry validation code to execute for all controls, including those that the user has not touched. AcceptAll mode immediately terminates when any of the following conditions is met:


Window{PROP:AcceptAll} = 0

A REQ control is left blank or zero.

The SELECT(?) statement selects the same control for the user to edit. This code usually indicates the value it contains is invalid and the user must re-enter data. The Window{PROP:AcceptAll} = 0 statement toggles AcceptAll mode off. Assigning values to this property can be used to initiate and terminate AcceptAll mode. When a control with the REQ attribute is left blank or zero, AcceptAll mode terminates with the control highlighted for user entry, without processing any more fields in the TAB key sequence. EVENT:Completed is posted to the window when all controls have been successfully processed.

Controls with a USE variable get EVENT:Accepted, but not those with a USE field equate.


Window WINDOW,PRE(Scr)









 IF EVENT() = EVENT:Completed THEN BREAK.  ! AcceptAll mode terminated


 OF ?Ctl:Code

  IF Ctl:Code > 150                        !If data entered is invalid

   BEEP                                    ! alert the user and

   SELECT(?)                               ! make them re-enter the data


 OF ?OkButton

  Window{PROP:AcceptAll} = 1               !Initiate AcceptAll mode


END                                        !Terminate ACCEPT and CASE ACCEPTED

See Also: SELECT

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