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Name Description
PROP:Create The CREATE attribute (blank if none). (WRITE ONLY)
PROP:DesignMode Is the .OCX control in the container in design-mode (does it have a size border around it)? (WRITE ONLY)
PROP:Ctrl Is this an .OCX control? (READ ONLY)
PROP:GrabHandles Makes the .OCX control show grab handles. (WRITE ONLY)
PROP:OLE Is there an OCX or OLE object in the container? (READ ONLY)
PROP:IsRadio Is this an OCX radio button? (READ ONLY)
PROP:LastEventName Gets the name of the last event sent to an .OCX control. (READ ONLY)
PROP:SaveAs Saves the object to an OLE Compound Storage file. (WRITE ONLY)
The syntax for placing the object in the file is 'filename\!component' For example:
?controlx{PROP:SaveAs} = 'myfile\!objectx'
PROP:ReportException Report OLE exceptions (for debug). (WRITE ONLY)
PROP:DoVerb Executes an OLE doverb command from the following set of commands (WRITE ONLY):
DOVERB:Primary (0)Calls the object's primary action. The object, not the container, determines this action. If the object supports in-place activation, the primary verb usually activates the object in-place.
DOVERB:Show (-1)Tells the object to show itself for editing or viewing. Called to display newly inserted objects for initial editing and to show link sources. This is usually an alias for some other object-defined action.
DOVERB:Open (-2)Tells the object to open itself for editing in a separate window from its container (this includes objects that support in-place activation). If the object does not support in-place activation, this has the same action as DOVERB:Show.
DOVERB:Hide (-3)Tells the object to remove its user interface. This applies only to objects activated in-place.
DOVERB:UIActivate (-4)Activates the object in-place, along with its full set of user-interface tools, including menus, toolbars, and its name in the title bar of the container window.
DOVERB:InPlaceActivate (-5)Activates the object in-place without displaying tools (menus and toolbars) that end-users need to change the behavior or appearance of the object.
DOVERB:DiscardUndoState (-6)Tells the object to discard any undo state that it may be maintaining without deactivating the object.
DOVERB:Properties (-7)Invokes the modal system property browser for the object to allow the user to set its properties.
PROP:Language The number for the language used for OLE Automation or OCX Method. The number for US English is 0409H, and other language numbers can be computed from the data in the WINNT.H file in the MS Windows SDK. (READ/WRITE)
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