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NUMERIC Validates all numeric string.
string A string constant, variable, or expression.

The NUMERIC procedure returns the value 1 (true) if the string only contains a valid numeric value. It returns zero (false) if the string contains any non-numeric characters. Valid numeric characters are the digits 0 through 9, the letter “E” (see below), a leading minus sign, and a decimal point. DEFORMAT is used to return unformatted numbers from a formatted string.

A valid number may also be a REAL and hence the format of strings representing correct numerics can be one of the following:




<;sign> - either minus (-) or plus (+) character

<;number> - definitive (non-empty) sequence of decimal digits

e - either “e” or “E” character

Return Data Type: UNSIGNED


!NUMERIC('1234.56')   returns 1

!NUMERIC('1,234.56')  returns 0

!NUMERIC('-1234.56')  returns 1

!NUMERIC('1234.56-')  returns 0

IF NOT NUMERIC(PartNumber)     !If part number is not numeric

DO ChkValidPart               !check for valid part number

END                            !End if

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