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The Next method gets the next record from the browse view and returns a value indicating its success or failure.

Next returns Level:Benign if successful, Level:Notify if it reached the end of the file, and Level:Fatal if it encountered a fatal error.


Corresponding return value EQUATEs are declared in ABERROR.INC. See Error Class for more information on these severity level EQUATEs.

Level:Benign                  EQUATE(0)

Level:User                    EQUATE(1)

Level:Program                 EQUATE(2)

Level:Fatal                   EQUATE(3)

Level:Cancel                  EQUATE(4)

Level:Notify                  EQUATE(5)

The Next method is called by the Fetch and ResetThumbLimits(PRIVATE) methods. Among other things, Next calls the PARENT.Next (ViewManager.Next) method. See ViewManager for more information.

Return Data Type:     BYTE


CASE MyBrowse.Next()              !get next record

OF Level:Benign                   !if successful, continue

OF Level:Fatal                    !if fatal error

 RETURN                           ! end this procedure

OF Level:Notify                   !if end of file reached

 MESSAGE('Reached end of file.')  ! acknowledge EOF


See Also:     Fetch,

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