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A new parameter has been added to the #SECTION statement.



#SECTION('First Section')


#SECTION('Another Section')


This parameter can then be referenced by the SECTION attribute of the #APPEND statement as follows:


#APPEND('FileName'),SECTION('Another Section')

#APPEND('FileName'),SECTION('First Section')

The first #APPEND statement with the SECTION attribute uses the last defined section in source order. The next #APPEND statement is used for the previous section, etc


A named #SECTION can be used with the #APPEND statement only once.


If the SECTION attribute of the #APPEND statement has a parameter defined, for example:


the template source generator will append the #SECTION defined with the name 'somesection' and then removes it from the list of sections.


If the SECTION attribute has no parameter


the generator uses the most recently declared #SECTION not removed yet from the top of sections stack and then pops it (but does not destroy).


In summary, to avoid any logic problems, all #APPEND statements should not mix usage of named and unnamed sections.

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