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AlignShortcutsToLeft ( position menu shortcuts to left )

ApplyTheme (Set Menu Colors and Indicators)

AreShortcutsLeftAligned ( detect left aligned menu shortcuts )

ClearThemeValues(Clear Theme Values)

GetEndColor (get ending gradient color)

GetFlatMode ( get menu flat mode)

GetFont( get menu text font )

GetImageBar ( Get Vertical Image Bar status)

GetImage ( get image name assigned to menu part )

GetIsVerticalGradient ( does menu part use a vertical gradient )

GetLineMode(set Menu line styles)

GetLinesEmbossed(Get Line Embossed Mode)

GetMenuMetric (Get Menu Style Metric Value)

GetStartColor (get starting gradient color)

GetTextColor( get menu text color )

GetVerticalSelection (get vertical color gradient)

IgnoreWindowsTheme(Ignore Active OS Theme Colors)

Init (initialize the MenuStyleManager object)

InitMenuInterface (initialize menu properties)

IsWindowsThemeIgnored(Detect if OS Theme is Ignored)

MenuHasGradient ( does menu part have gradient applied )

MenuInterface (IMenuInterface reference)

MenuStyle (IMenuStyle reference)

MixColors (mix two colors)

Refresh (Refresh Menu Style)

SetBackgroundColor (Set Menu Item Background Color)

SetColor(specify color for menu part)

SetCustomThemeColors(Set Custom Menu Colors and Indicators)

SetDefaultThemeValues (Set Default Menu Colors and Indicators)

SetColor ( specify color for menu part )

SetCustomThemeColors (Set Default Menu Colors and Indicators)

SetFlatMode ( set menu flat mode)

SetFont ( set menu text font )

SetImageBar ( Set Vertical Image Bar Status )

SetImage ( apply image to menu part )

SetLineMode(set Menu line styles)

SetLinesEmbossed(Set embossed/3D line style)

SetMenuMetric (Set MenuStyle Metric Value)

SetTextColor ( set menu text color )

SetThemeColors ( set colors based on theme detected )

SetVerticalGradient ( set vertical color gradient)

SetVerticalSelection (set vertical color gradient)

SetWhiteBackground (set menu item background white)

SuspendRefresh (Delay Menu Refresh)

UseCustomTheme(Apply Custom Theme Colors)

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