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MenuStyle     &IMenuStyle


The MenuStyle is a PROTECTED reference to the IMenuStyle interface declared in CWINI,INT as follows:


Clone            PROCEDURE (),*IMenuStyle

Destroy          PROCEDURE ()

SetDirty         PROCEDURE ()

MenuFont         PROCEDURE (),*IFontProperties

MenuBrush        PROCEDURE (UNSIGNED),*IBrush    !Index: MenuBrushes

MenuColor        PROCEDURE (UNSIGNED, COLORREF)  !Index: MenuColors

MenuColor        PROCEDURE (UNSIGNED),COLORREF   !Index: MenuColors

FlatMode         PROCEDURE (UNSIGNED)            !Value: FlatMenuMode

FlatMode         PROCEDURE (),UNSIGNED           !Value: FlatMenuMode

AlignShortcuts   PROCEDURE (BOOLEAN)

AlignShortcuts   PROCEDURE (),BOOLEAN  ! TRUE: Shortcuts are left aligned



The MenuStyle interface is implemented through the InitMenuInterface method, and is used to hold the active menu style of the current application. The interface methods described above are used to modify various characteristics of the target menu structure.

See Also:     InitMenuInterface(initialize menu properties)

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