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LEFT( [width] )

RIGHT( [width] )

ABOVE( [width] )

BELOW( [width] )


width An integer constant specifying the width of the TAB controls in dialog units. For the LEFT attribute, this is PROP:LeftOffset (equivalent to {PROP:LEFT,2}). For RIGHT, this is PROP:RightOffset (equivalent to {PROP:RIGHT,2}). For ABOVE, this is PROP:AboveSize (equivalent to {PROP:ABOVE,2}). For BELOW, this is PROP:BelowSize (equivalent to {PROP:BELOW,2}).

The LEFT, RIGHT, ABOVE, and BELOW attributes of a SHEET control specify the position of the TAB controls. LEFT (PROP:LEFT) specifies the TABs appear to the left of the sheet, RIGHT (PROP:RIGHT) specifies the TABs appear to the right of the sheet, ABOVE (PROP:ABOVE) specifies the TABs appear at the top of the sheet (the default position), and BELOW (PROP:BELOW) specifies the TABs appear at the bottom of the sheet.

The width parameter allows you to set the size of the TAB controls. The text that appears on the TAB is always horizontal unless you specify the UP or DOWN attribute.


MDIChild WINDOW('Child One'),AT(0,0,320,200),MDI,MAX,HVSCROLL

         SHEET,AT(0,0,320,175),USE(SelectedTab),BELOW   !Place Tabs below sheet

          TAB('Tab One'),USE(?TabOne)

           OPTION('Option 1'),USE(OptVar1),KEY(F10Key),HLP('Option1Help')

            RADIO('Radio 1'),AT(20,0,20,20),USE(?R1)

            RADIO('Radio 2'),AT(40,0,20,20),USE(?R2)


           PROMPT('Enter Data:'),AT(100,100,20,20),USE(?P1)


           PROMPT('Enter More Data:'),AT(100,200,20,20),USE(?P2)



          TAB('Tab Two'),USE(?TabTwo)

           PROMPT('Enter Data:'),AT(100,100,20,20),USE(?P3)


           PROMPT('Enter More Data:'),AT(100,200,20,20),USE(?P4)







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