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Init( )


Init Initialize the BreakManager object.

The Init method initializes the BreakManager by clearing any prior entries in the internal Break Queue, which holds any breaks defined. Normally, the Destruct method also performs a similar function, but the Init method ensures that the Break Queue is clean before calling the report.

Implementation:     The Init method is called prior to the first AddBreak method.




 SELF.Request = GlobalRequest    ! Store the incoming request

 ReturnValue = PARENT.Init()

 IF ReturnValue THEN RETURN ReturnValue.

 SELF.FirstField = ?Progress:Thermometer

 SELF.VCRRequest &= VCRRequest

 SELF.Errors &= GlobalErrors     ! Set this windows ErrorManager to the global ErrorManager

 CLEAR(GlobalRequest)            ! Clear GlobalRequest after storing locally


 SELF.AddItem(Translator)        ! Run-time translation enabled so get the global translator


! File people used by this procedure, so make sure it's RelationManager is open

 SELF.FilesOpened = True



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