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The options in this dialog control the default location and error options of Clarion and Clarion# projects and solutions created.


Use the last opened Solution folder as the Default Project Location

When checked, the last directory accessed by the IDE will override the Default project location.

Default project location

Specify the default directory for all new projects created.

Use solution folder as default when adding a new project to the solution

Check to maintain the current solution folder as you add new projects.

Load previous solution on startup

Check to auto-load the last project/solution that you were working on in the IDE as you restart the IDE in a new session.

Close Start Page when loading a solution

Check to automatically close the Start Page anytime a solution is loaded.

New Solutions are configured for Release mode

Check this option to automatically set all new Solutions for Release mode. If unchecked, new Solution will default to Debug mode.

Build and Run options

The Clarion IDE supports Builds on a separate thread or a separate process. By default, the IDE Builds on a separate process. On multi-CPU or multi-core CPU machines this will normally improve the performance of the system as the Build action will normally execute on a different CPU that is different to the one the IDE is using. However, due to the added overhead of interprocess communication, it may be that on some machines it is better to run the Build as a separate thread within the IDE. To disable the Build activity in a separate process, uncheck the Run build as a separate process(es) rather than as a thread check box.

Check the Show error list pad if build finishes with errors to show the Error list by default on a Build error. If unchecked, the Output window will display instead with a more verbose error listing.

Output Details

Select the type of messaging output that you want during the Build process. The following options are currently available:

Quiet Only display “Build started.”, “Build finished successfully.” messages, plus errors and warnings.
Minimal Same as Quiet
Normal Same as Quiet, plus messages indicating which source files are being compiled.
Detailed Same as Normal, plus details about which files are included when compiling and which files are linked when linking
Diagnostic Same as Detailed
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