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The Load/Save options control how all documents are handled in the IDE. Documents are listed in the Start Page Source Files link, and in the File > Recent Files IDE menu item.

As you create a new document, the path is specified as you save the document for the first time.

Load user-specific settings with the document

When this option is active, your user-defined settings, stored in the Documents and Settings Application Data section, will be applied. If this setting is off, the IDE's internal defaults are used.

Detect external changes to files

This option displays a dialog to reload a document when changes have been detected from an external source (i.e., an external editor).

Auto-load changes if saved

Specify to reload a document if changes in the document have been detected.

Always create backup copy

Check this option to automatically create a backup copy of all documents.

Line terminator style

Select the line terminator style of documents that you save. The Windows line terminator character is CR + LF, MacIntosh style uses just CR, and Unix style uses a plain LF only.

Maximum number of items to display in Recent File

Use the spin box to set how many files to list in the Recent Files menu section and in the Start Page Source Files link.

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