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Enable doublebuffering

On some machine configurations, the drawing of multi-colored text and other items can sometime cause flicker, due to the multiple passes that must be performed. Check this box to enable double buffering, which draws each line of text into an off-screen buffer before displaying it visually. This can have an effect of slower loading in some older machines, but doublebuffering in most cases is recommended.

Enable folding

Check this box to enable the folding of all data and code structures. This feature is handy for consolidating complex code sections, but also has a disadvantage of losing readability with more complex nested structures. Folding in most cases is recommended.

Show Quick ClassBrowser Panel

Check this box to display a special panel that allows you to quickly jump to selected areas of the text file.


The drop list on the left lists all data structures, like files and queues. The drop list on the right stores class structures used in this text file


The Font settings allow you to control the appearance of text displayed in the Text Editor. A sample window is provided to view the font and other options that you have selected.

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