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The Object Tree options affect how data is displayed in the Component Inspector's Object tab, allowing you to show or hide properties, methods, events for the objects on display.

Show Members

In the object tree, check the members that you wish to display in the object tree. You have Fields, Properties, Methods and Events as the available choices.


This group controls the level of information that is displayed in the object tree.


The Show member categories option will group all events together under an Events parent node in the Objects panel. Properties, methods and fields are also grouped together under their own parent group node.

The Show base class categories option will group all events, methods, fields and properties under a single parent node.

You can also specify whether both the above groupings, base class categories and member categories, will only occur if the total number of members exceeds a specified threshold.

The Show Object members in base category option determines whether the members of the standard base classes, System.Object, System.__ComObject and System.MarshalByRefObject are always shown for an object in the Objects view.

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