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HELP([helpfile] [,help-id])


HELP Opens a help file and activates a help window.
helpfile A string constant or the label of a STRING variable that has the DOS directory file specification for the help file. If the file specification does not contain a complete path and filename, the help file is assumed to be in the current directory. If the file extension is omitted, “.HLP” is assumed. If the helpfile parameter is omitted, a comma is required to hold its position.
help-id A string constant or the label of a STRING variable that contains the help topic to access. This may be either a help keyword or a “context string.”

The HELP statement designates the active help file. If the second parameter (help-id) is provided, the Help file is opened to the help topic-id.

The helpfile parameter can name either a WinHelp (.HLP) or HTML Help (.CHM) file.

While an ASK or ACCEPT is controlling program execution, the active help window is displayed when the user presses F1 (the “Help” key).

If the help-id parameter is omitted, the helpfile is nominated but not opened. If the helpfile parameter is provided, the current help file is opened, and the window identified by help-id is activated. If both parameters are omitted, the current helpfile is opened at the current topic.

The help-id may contain a Help keyword. This is a keyword that is displayed in the Help Search dialog. When the user presses F1, if only one topic in the help file specifies this keyword, the help file is opened at that topic; if more than one topic specifies the keyword, the search dialog is opened for the user.

A “context string” is identified by a leading tilde (~) in the help-id, followed by a unique identifier associated with exactly one help topic. If the tilde is missing, the help-id is assumed to be a help keyword. When the user presses F1, the help file is opened at the specific topic associated with that “context string.”

Newly started threads inherit the help file settings from the previous thread that started it.


HELP('C:\HLPDIR\LEDGER.HLP')  !Open the gen ledger WinHelp format help file

HELP('C:\HLPDIR\LEDGER.CHM')  !Open the gen ledger HTML format help file

HELP(,'~CustUpd')             !Activate customer update help window

HELP                          !Display the help window

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