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Extension templates add functionality to procedures, but are not bound to a particular control or embed point. Each Extension template has one well-defined task. For example, the Date Time Display lets you display the date and a running clock.

If you add third party, or your own customized templates to the Template Registry, they appear in the list.

From a Procedure Properties dialog, add an Extension template by pressing the Extensions button. CLICK on an extension template from the list, then press the Select button.

Here are some of the Extension templates that Clarion provides:

ASCII View in List Box This extension provides a LIST control to alternate its display between a selected file and some other data that you specify.
BLOB in Control The BLOBInControlExt extension template allows you to display and/or edit a BLOB from a selected table.
cwRTFGlobal This global extension enables the use of an RTF control in the application. It includes all necessary EQUATEs and Classes. Deprecated and replaced with the RTF Text Control template.
Date Time Display This extension adds a “live” date and/or time (updated every second) display to the procedure
DBAuditing The DbAuditing template is a global extension used to track updates to specific data tables. This extension is added to the global properties of an application.
FileUserTags This global template extension identifies certain tables and columns that possess a particular User Options tag defined in the dictionary.
Record Validation This extension enables enforcement of dictionary-defined field value validation
RunCommandLineProc The RunCommandLineProc template provides a simple way to check for command line parameters when the program is run. Several command line parameters may be defined and sorted in the order they should be checked at runtime.
FormVcrControls This Extension template adds functionality to a Form procedure by enabling navigation and field history with the FrameBrowseControl VCR buttons. See FrameBrowseControl for more information on these buttons and their operation.
ViewFormActions This Extension template adds functionality to a Form procedure by enabling it to open in View Only mode. You specify what mode to set for each control.
WindowResize This Extension template lets the end user resize windows that have traditionally been fixed in size due to the controls they contain (List boxes, entry controls, buttons, etc.).
Wise-Generate Wise Installation Script This Extension template automatically generates a Wise Installation script for your application.
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