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This dialog lets you specify what to embed at this point. CLICK on the item to embed, then press the Select button.

The choices are:

Call a procedure Provides a dialog that lets you specify a procedure to call.
SOURCE Calls the Text Editor, allowing you to hand code the embedded source.
Code Templates The templates listed here depend on the templates you have registered. Code templates generate executable code. Generally, each Code template has one well-defined task. For example, the Initiate Thread Code template simply starts a new execution thread, and no more. Typically, the Code template provides a dialog box with options and instructions.

There are many Code Templates included with Clarion (see the help TOC for a complete list):

CallABCMethodTPLCodeCallABCMethod Generates code to call an ABC Library object met
Call Procedure As LookupTPLCodeCallProcedureAsLookup This code template lets you call a procedure, usually a Browse, with a request to make a selection.
Close Current WindowTPLCodeCloseCurrentWindow This code template simply posts an EVENT:CloseWindow, which tells the currently active window to close.
Control Value ValidationControl_Value_Validation_code_template This code template validates the value of an entry control (ENTRY, LIST, COMBO, or SPIN). You can add this code template to a field event on a control; at the Accepted or Selected embed point.
DisplayPopupMenuTPLCodePreparePopup_General Generates code to define and display a popup menu, and optionally, act on the end user's selection.
Export to XMLTPLCodeExportToXML Used to write the contents of a valid data source (or origin) to an external XML file.
Initiate ThreadTPLCodeInitiateThread This code template initiates an execution thread when opening an MDI window.
Lookup Up Non-Related Record This code template is used to perform a lookup of a value based on a relationship not defined in the Data Dictionary (ad hoc relations). You can add this code template to the Lookup Up Related Records embed point.
ResizeSetStrategy Lets you override the default resize strategy for a particular control
SelectToolbarTargetTPLCodeSelectToolbarTarget This Code template provides an easy way to control which Browsebox is tied to the Toolbar navigation buttons (see FrameBrowseControl).
SetABCPropertyTPLCodeSetABCProperty Generates code to set a public property of an ABC Library object
SetPropertyTPLCodeSetProperty This Code template provides an easy way to set a runtime property of any control on a window.
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