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FocusLossAction BYTE


The FocusLossAction property indicates the action to take with regard to pending changes when the edit control loses focus during an edit-in-place process.

The specified action is implemented by the Ask method. Set the action by assigning, adding, or subtracting one of the following EQUATEd values to FocusLossAction. The following EQUATEs are in ABBROWSE.INC:


Default   EQUATE(0)       !save according to the Ask method

Always    EQUATE(1)       !always save the changes

Never     EQUATE(2)       !never save the changes

Prompted  EQUATE(4)       !ask whether to save the changes



BRW1.FocusLossAction = EIPAction:Prompted     !ask to save changes

See Also:     Ask

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