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Events Overview

In Clarion Windows programs, most of the messages from Windows are automatically handled internally by the ACCEPT event processor. These are the common events handled by the runtime library (screen re-draws, etc.). Only those events that actually may require program action are passed on by ACCEPT to your Clarion code. The net effect of this is to make your programming job easier by removing the low-level “drudgery” code from your program, allowing you to concentrate on the high-level aspects of programming, instead. Of course, it is also possible to handle these low-level messages yourself by “sub-classing” the window, but that is a low-level technique that should only be used if absolutely necessary. Consult Charles Petzold's book Programming Windows published by Microsoft Press if you need more information on sub-classing.

There are two types of events passed on to the program by ACCEPT: Field-specific and Field-independent events. The following lists are the event EQUATEs that are contained in EQUATES.CLW.

Field-Independent Events

Field-Specific Events

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