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ERASE( [first control] [,last control] )


ERASE Blanks controls and clears their USE variables.
first control Field number or field equate label of a control, or the first control in a range of controls. If omitted, defaults to zero (0).
last control Field number or field equate label of the last control in a range of controls.

The ERASE statement erases the data from controls in the window and clears their corresponding USE variables. ERASE with no parameters erases all controls in the window. Using first control alone, as the parameter of ERASE, clears a specific USE variable and its associated control. Both first control and last control parameters are used to clear the USE variables and associated controls for an inclusive range of controls in the window.


ERASE(?)               !Erase the currently selected control

ERASE                  !Erase all controls on the screen

ERASE(3,7)             !Erase controls 3 through 7

ERASE(?Name,?Zip)      !Erase controls from name through zip

ERASE(?City,?City+2)   !Erase City and 2 controls following City

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