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EMBED( identifier [, instance ] )


EMBED Specifies the prompt directly edits an embedded source code point.
Identifier The user-defined template symbol which identifies the #EMBED embedded source code point to edit.
Instance A string constant or expression containing one of the values in the multi-valued symbol used by the #EMBED. You must have as many instances as are necessary to explicitly identify the single #EMBED point instance to edit.

The EMBED type in a #PROMPT statement indicates the prompt is used to directly edit an embedded source code point. This places an an entry area with an ellipsis (…) button next to the prompt to allow the user access to the embedded source code point. The programmer may enter a procedure call in the entry area, or press the ellipsis (…) button to go into the normal source dialog.

If the #EMBED is associated with a multi-valued symbol, you must identify the specific instance of the #EMBED. If you use a multi-valued symbol as an instance expression, it must be fixed to a single value. Most commonly, this would be used in a #FIELD structure.


#PROMPT('Embedded Data Declarations',EMBED(%DataSection))

#FIELD, WHERE(%ControlType = 'BUTTON')

 #PROMPT('Action when button is pressed',EMBED(%ControlEvent,%Control,'Accepted'))


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