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#DISPLAY( [ string ] ) [, AT( ) ] [, PROP( name,value ) ]


#DISPLAY Displays a string constant on a properties window.
string A string expression containing the text to display.
AT Specifies the size and position of the string display area in the window, allowing multiple lines of text. This attribute takes the same parameters as the Clarion language AT attribute. If a width and height are specified in the AT attribute, then the string will span multiple lines.
PROP Specifies a property to assign to the prompt text. Name designates the property name equate (Example: PROP:FontColor) and value is the value assigned to the named property (Example: 0FFFFFFH)

The #DISPLAY statement displays the string on a properties window. If the string is omitted, a blank line is displayed. The display updates whenever the value in the string changes. #DISPLAY is not valid in a #MODULE section.


#DISPLAY()                                    #!Display a blank line

#DISPLAY('Ask programmer to input some')      #!Display a string

#DISPLAY(' ABC Version: '&%ABCVersion), AT(10,,170), PROP(PROP:FontColor, 0FFFFFFH)

#PROMPT(' specific value',@s20),%InputSymbol


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