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#CLASS( string, description )


#CLASS Defines a formula class.
string A string constant containing the formula class.
description A string expression containing the description of the formula class to display in the list of those available in the Formula Editor.

The #CLASS statement defines a formula class for use in the Formula Editor. The Formula Class allows the Template to determine the precise logical position at which the formula appears in the generated source code.


#PROCEDURE(SomeProc,'An Example Template'),WINDOW

#CLASS('START','At beginning of procedure')

#CLASS('LOOP','In process loop')

#CLASS('END','At end of procedure')

%Procedure PROCEDURE



 #INSERT(%GenerateFormulas,'START')      #!Generate START class formulas



   #INSERT(%GenerateFormulas,'LOOP')     #!Generate LOOP class formulas


 #INSERT(%GenerateFormulas,'END')        #!Generate END class formulas

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