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Project Parsing

If you wish to improve the initial load time of your active solution you have three project parsing options:

Parse all projects in the Solution

Ideal for single and smaller multi-project solutions. Use one of the other options below for larger multi-project solutions.

Parse all hand-coded projects in the solution and only applications opened for editing

When a solution contains a mix of applications and hand coded projects, use this option to effectively manage only your hand-coded projects and applications opened in the Application Editor.

The Use lightweight parsing mode (enabled by default) is used only if project parsing is set to Parse all hand-coded projects and only applications opened for editing. If enabled only the PROGRAM file will be parsed on project reparsing to get global information for code completion. Each MEMBER file will be parsed only when a procedure located in the MEMBER file is opened for editing.

Disable project parsing

Disables all parsing of projects in the active solution. Turning this option off will also disable any code completion options that may be active.

Copy Referenced DLLs to Output Directory Defaults to ON

This option controls the default project setting for automatically copying referenced DLLs to the output directory.

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