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CHAPTER 1 - Introduction provides an introduction to the Clarion Language Reference. It provides a brief overview of the contents of each chapter, and a guide to help the reader understand the documentation conventions used throughout the book.

CHAPTER 2 - Program Source Code Format provides the general layout of a Clarion Windows program. Punctuation, special characters, reserved words, and a detailed description of the “building blocks” required to create modular, structured Clarion source code are documented here.

CHAPTER 3 - Variablevariable declarations.htmDeclarations describes all the simple data types used to declare variables in a Clarion program. In addition, data display formatting masks, called “picture tokens,” are defined and illustrated.

CHAPTER 4 - Entity Declarations describes all the complex data types used to declare GROUP, CLASS, FILE, VIEW, and QUEUE structures in a Clarion program.

CHAPTER 5 - Declaration Attributes describes all the attributes which can modify variable and entity declarations.

CHAPTER 6 - Windows describes the APPLICATION and WINDOW data structures and all their component structures.

CHAPTER 7 - Reports describes the REPORT data structure and all its component structures.

CHAPTER 8 - Controls describes all the controls that may be placed into APPLICATION, WINDOW, and REPORT data structures.

CHAPTER 9 - Window and Report Attributes describes all the attributes which can modify APPLICATION, WINDOW, and REPORT data structures and the controls they contain.

CHAPTER 10 - Expressions defines the syntax required to combine variables, procedures, and constants into numeric, string, or logical expressions.

CHAPTER 11 - Assignments defines the all the methods to assign the value of an expression to variables. This chapter also discusses BCD operations and Clarions Automatic Data Type Conversion.

CHAPTER 12 - Execution Control describes the compound executable statements that control program flow and operation.

CHAPTER 13 - Built-in Procedures documents all built-in Clarion library procedures.

APPENDIX A - DDE, OLE, and OCX documents the procedures that perform Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), Object Linking and Embedding (OLE), and OLE Custom Controls (OCX).

APPENDIX B - Event Equates documents the EQUATE statements for events that help make Clarion code readable.

APPENDIX C - Runtime Property Assignments documents all the runtime properties.

APPENDIX D - Error Codes documents the runtime and compiler errors.

APPENDIX E - Legacy Statements documents language statements which are maintained only for backward compatibility with previous versions of Clarion.

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