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BSHIFT Performs the bit shift operation.
value A numeric constant, variable, or expression. The value is converted to a LONG data type prior to the operation, if necessary.
count A numeric constant, variable, or expression for the number of bit positions to be shifted. If count is positive, value is shifted left. If count is negative, value is shifted right.

The BSHIFT procedure shifts a bit value by a bit count. The bit value may be shifted left (toward the high order), or right (toward the low order). Zero bits are supplied to fill vacated bit positions when shifting.

Return Data Type: LONG


!BSHIFT(0110b,1)   returns 1100b

!BSHIFT(0110b,-1)  returns 0011b

Varswitch = BSHIFT(20,3)         !Multiply by eight

Varswitch = BSHIFT(Varswitch,-2) !Divide by four

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