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BrowseClass Overview

BrowseClass Concepts

BrowseClass Relationship to Other Application Builder Classes

BrowseClass ABC Template Implementation

BrowseClass Source Files

BrowseClass Conceptual Example

BrowseClass Properties

ActiveInvisible (obscured browse list action)

AllowUnfilled (display filled list)

ArrowAction (edit-in-place action on arrow key)

AskProcedure (update procedure)

ChangeControl (browse change/update control number)

CurrentChoice (current LIST control entry number)

DeleteControl (browse delete control number)

EditList (list of edit-in-place controls)

EIP (edit-in-place manager)

EnterAction (edit-in-place action on enter key)

FocusLossAction (edit-in-place action on lose focus)

HasThumb (vertical scroll bar flag)

HideSelect (hide select button)

ILC(reference to IListControl interface)

InsertControl (browse insert control number)

ListQueue (browse data queue reference)

Loaded (browse queue loaded flag)

Popup (browse popup menu reference)

PrevChoice (prior LIST control entry number)

Processors (reference to ProcessorQueue)

QuickScan (buffered reads flag)

RetainRow (highlight bar refresh behavior)

SelectControl (browse select control number)

Selecting (select mode only flag)

SelectWholeRecord (select entire record flag)

Sort (browse sort information)

StartAtCurrent (initial browse position)

TabAction (edit-in-place action on tab key)

Toolbar (browse Toolbar object)

ToolbarItem (browse ToolbarTarget object)

ViewControl (view button)

Window (WindowManager object)

BrowseClass Methods

BrowseClass Functional Organization--Expected Use

AddEditControl (specify custom edit-in-place class)

AddField (specify a FILE/QUEUE field pair)

AddItem(program the BrowseClass object)

AddLocator (specify a locator)

AddResetField (set a field to monitor for changes)

AddSortOrder (specify a browse sort order)

AddToolbarTarget (set the browse toolbar)

ApplyRange (refresh browse based on resets and range limits)

Ask (update selected browse item)

AskRecord (edit-in-place selected browse item)

Fetch (get a page of browse items)

Init (initialize the BrowseClass object)

InitSort (initialize locator values)

Kill (shut down the BrowseClass object)

Next (get the next browse item)

PostNewSelection (post an EVENT:NewSelection to the browse list)

Previous (get the previous browse item)

Records (return the number of browse queue items)

ResetFields(reinitialize FieldPairsClass)

ResetFromAsk (reset browse after update)

ResetFromBuffer (fill queue starting from record buffer)

ResetFromFile (fill queue starting from file POSITION)

ResetFromView (reset browse from current result set)

ResetQueue (fill or refill queue)

ResetResets (copy the Reset fields)

ResetSort (apply sort order to browse)

ScrollEnd (scroll to first or last item)

ScrollOne (scroll up or down one item)

ScrollPage (scroll up or down one page)

SetAlerts (alert keystrokes for list and locator controls)

SetQueueRecord (copy data from file buffer to queue buffer:BrowseClass)

SetSort (apply a sort order to the browse)

TakeAcceptedLocator (apply an accepted locator value)

TakeEvent (process the current ACCEPT loop event:BrowseClass)

TakeKey (process an alerted keystroke:BrowseClass)

TakeNewSelection (process a new selection:BrowseClass)

TakeScroll (process a scroll event)

TakeVCRScroll (process a VCR scroll event)

UpdateBuffer (copy selected item from queue buffer to file buffer)

UpdateQuery (set default query interface)

UpdateResets (copy reset fields to file buffer)

UpdateThumb (position the scrollbar thumb)

UpdateThumbFixed (position the scrollbar fixed thumb)

UpdateViewRecord (get view data for the selected item)

UpdateWindow (update display variables to match browse)

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