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label BREAK(variable) [,USE( )] [,NOCASE]
group break structures


BREAK Declares a group break structure.
label The name by which the structure is addressed in executable code.
variable The variable whose change in value signals the group break (PROP:BreakVar).
USE A field equate label to reference the BREAK structure in executable code (PROP:USE).
NOCASE Specifies the check for a changed value in the variable is case insensitive.
group break structures Group break HEADER, FOOTER, and DETAIL structures, and/or other nested BREAK structures.

The BREAK structure declares the variable which signals a group break when the value in the variable changes. A BREAK structure must be terminated with a period or END statement. It may contain its own HEADER, FOOTER, and DETAIL structures, and/or other nested BREAK structures. Only one HEADER and FOOTER are allowed in a BREAK structure; it may contain multiple DETAIL and/or BREAK structures.

The HEADER and FOOTER structures that are declared within a BREAK structure are the group header and footer. They automatically print surrounding equivalent values in the group break variable.


CustRpt REPORT             !Declare customer report

Break1   BREAK(SomeVariable)

         HEADER           !begin group header declaration

          !report controls

         END              !end header declaration  

GroupDet  DETAIL

          !report controls

         END              !end detail declaration  

         FOOTER           ! begin group footer declaration

          !report controls

         END              !end footer declaration  

        END               !end group break declaration  

       END                !End report declaration

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