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The AsciiViewInListBox template allows a LIST control to alternate its display between a selected file and some other data that you specify.

The AsciiViewInListBox template provides the same functionality and the same prompts as the AsciiViewControl template. See AsciiViewControl for more information. The AsciiViewInListBox template provides one additional prompt. Because it is an Extension template and does not place its own control, the AsciiViewInListBox template prompts you for the LIST control to use to display text:

General Tab

List box field to use

Select the LIST control that alternates its display.

Initialize Viewer

Determines when the procedure initializes the Viewer object. Initialization includes selecting the file to view, opening it, and reading it.

On Open Window

Initializes the Viewer when the window opens so that the Viewer's LIST is full upon initial display.

On Field Selection

Delays initializing the Viewer until the end user selects the Viewer's LIST control.


Does not initialize the Viewer. You must embed a call to the Viewer#:Initialize ROUTINE to initialize the Viewer.

File to Browse

Specifies the path and name of the file to view, or a variable containing the path and name of the file to view. The variable must be preceded by an exclamation point (!).

If no path is specified, the procedure looks for the file in the current directory.

If omitted (left blank), the Viewer object prompts the end user to select a file.

Allow popup menu searching

Check this box to provide a (RIGHT-CLICK) popup menu choice to search the file.

Allow popup menu printing

Check this box to provide a (RIGHT-CLICK) popup menu choice to print some or all of the records in the file.

Classes Tab

Use the Classes tab to override the global settings for the Class. See Classes Tab.

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