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ANGLE( size )


ANGLE Defines the orientation of a STRING control.
size An integer constant or constant expression that specifies the amount of rotation, in tenths of degrees. If positive, the angle is measured counter-clockwise from the report's horizontal orientation. Valid values are between 3600 and -3600.

The ANGLE attribute (PROP:ANGLE) specifies displaying or printing the STRING control at a specified angle measured counter-clockwise from the horizontal of the window or horizontal orientation of the report (either Portrait or Landscape). This allows you to display or print text at any angle in addition to the standard horizontal. The FONT for the STRING control must be a TrueType font.


WinOne WINDOW,AT(0,0,160,400),FONT('Arial')

       !Display Horizontal text

       STRING('String Constant'),AT(6,40),USE(?String1)

       !Display Vertical text

       STRING('String Constant'),AT(6,40),USE(?String2),ANGLE(900)

       !Display upside-down text

       STRING('String Constant'),AT(6,40),USE(?String3),ANGLE(1800)


CustRpt  REPORT,AT(1000,1000,6500,9000),THOUS,FONT('Arial',10)  

Detail   DETAIL,AT(0,0,6500,1000)      

         !Print Horizontal text

         STRING('String Constant'),AT(500,500,1500,500)

         !Print Vertical text

         STRING('String Constant'),AT(500,500,1500,500),ANGLE(900)

         !Print upside-down text

         STRING('String Constant'),AT(500,500,1500,500),ANGLE(1800)



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