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This type of comment provides the ability to generate XML documentation for Clarion .Net source files. (For more information see XML Documentation in MSDN). All comments started with “!!!” are considered as documentation comments.



!!! This is a class A





Quick XML Documentation

The Quick XML Documentation feature is only available in Clarion.NET.

To write a documentation comment to any target object, start the comment with 3 exclamation marks:

For example:

!!! <;summary>

!!! Special Formatting Documentation

!!! <;/summary>

!!! <;param name=“b”>The parameter comment<;/param>

!!! <;remarks>

!!! This is a remark.

!!! <;/remarks>

class.proc  procedure(long b)


If you use XML-styled documentation comment syntax (as in the above example) you will see special formatting in the tooltip text provided by the Code Completion. Otherwise, the comments will be displayed in the tooltip “as is”.

Documentation comments must precede the object declaration. For procedures, you can have comments for the procedure declaration or procedure definition (the comment for declaration has higher priority).

Other examples:

test  long !comment to test

test1 long

In the example above, test1 will have a “comment to test” documentation comment. The test variable will not, since it comes before the test1 variable declaration.

! comment1

c class

p procedure !proc comment


In this example, the p procedure will have no documentation comment, but the c class will display both comment lines comment1 and proc comment.

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