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VCR( [field] )


VCR Places Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) style buttons on a LIST or COMBO control.
field A field equate label that specifies the ENTRY control to use as a locator for a LIST or COMBO (PROP:VcrFeq, equivalent to {PROP:VCR,2}). This ENTRY control must appear before the LIST or COMBO control in the WINDOW structure.

The VCR attribute (PROP:VCR) places Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) style buttons on a LIST or COMBO control. The VCR style buttons affect the scrolling characteristics of the data displayed in the LIST or COMBO. There are seven buttons displayed as the VCR:

 |<;   Top of list     (EVENT:ScrollTop)

 <;<;   Page Up         (EVENT:PageUp)

  <;   Entry Up        (EVENT:ScrollUp)

  ?   Locate          (EVENT:Locate)

  >   Entry Down      (EVENT:ScrollDown)

 »   Page Down       (EVENT:PageDown)

 >|   Bottom of list  (EVENT:ScrollBottom)

The field parameter names the control to get focus when the user presses the ? button. When the user enters data and then presses TAB on the locator field, the LIST or COMBO scrolls to its closest matching entry. If no field parameter is named, the ? button still appears but does nothing. To avoid even displaying the ? button, you may set PROP:VCR to TRUE instead of adding the VCR attribute to the LIST or COMBO control declaration.


MDIC WINDOW('Child One'),AT(0,0,320,200),MDI,MAX,HVSCROLL


     ENTRY(@S8),AT(100,200,20,20),USE(E2)                        !Locator control for L2

     LIST,AT(140,100,20,20),USE(?L2),FROM(Que),HVSCROLL,VCR(?E2) !VCR with Locator active




?L1{PROP:VCR} = TRUE          !VCR buttons without the ? button



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