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UNFIXFORMAT Change state of a dynamic file to unfixed
file The label of a FILE structure, which must be a reference variable.

UNFIXFORMAT changes a dynamic file that has previously been fixed into an unfixed state, thus allowing you to further change the format.

UNFIXFORMAT will set ERRORCODE to NoDriverSupport if you pass a file that was not created with NEW(file)

If you pass a file that was not created using NEW(file), UNFIXFORMAT posts the following error codes that can be trapped by the ERRORCODE function:

Errorcode Equate Reason
80 NoDriverSupport File passed that was not created with NEW(file)
47 InvalidFileErr Structure is invalid

If error code 47 is posted, the FILEERRORCODE statement can be used to return extended information. See the ErrorCode 47 Extended information topic for more information.


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