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Enter a name to use as the default caption, or title, for all windows generated.


Enter a default image here to use as a graphic or watermark for your Window procedure control area.


If you have designated a background image to use for your Window procedure, this option becomes available to control if the displayed image is tiled, stretched, or centered.


Enter a default icon to use for your Window procedure. This will allow your window to be minimized if needed.


Press the Font button to select a default font to use for the Window procedure. Sample text shown below the button is provided to allow you to review your selection.


Select from the drop list to designate the initial position of your window. You can optionally center the window, or use the default position that is set by the template wizard.

In addition, click on the System Menu check box to add the Windows System Menu to your Window procedure. If you will be using any special entry control pictures on the window, you can also click on the Entry Patterns check box to allow the display of special formatting picture information (Example: phone numbers or date pictures)


The Window Wizard has three optional buttons that you can choose to populate. They are the OK, Cancel and Help button controls. Check on each “Enable name button” box to activate the appropriate button dialogs. More information on each button's prompts are located here.

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