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The Theme Maintenance Wizard is a powerful template utility that allows you to Add, Modify, or Delete selected template wizard themes.

Themes are defined as text files that control a wizard's generated output and, in addition, the wizard's default prompt settings that are presented to the developer. A theme file has a default file extension of TFT, and is stored in the TFT sub folder of the Clarion TEMPLATE folder. This path, and the list of existing themes, is found in the C7TFT.INI file located in the Clarion BIN folder.

The Theme Maintenance Wizard contains the following options:

Theme Selection

Theme From the drop down list, select an existing theme that you wish to add, modify, or delete. If you are adding a new theme, you will need to select an existing theme. After you make modification to the selected theme, you can use the Save As option.
Report Layout From the drop down list, select an existing report layout that you wish to add, modify, or delete. Changes to the Report Wizard will be applied to this layout.


The buttons shown on this wizard sheet direct you to one of four operations. You can Design Theme, based on the theme selected on the previous window. After your modifications, return to this window to Save Theme Default.TFT (the selected theme), or Save As to a new theme name.

After saving the theme through one of the above methods, press the Cancel button to exit the wizard. Your theme is already saved. You can also press the Finish button to exit the wizard, but you will have to complete the required entries in the Save As dialog.

You can also remove the selected theme permanently by pressing the Delete Theme Default.TFT button.

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