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This window is used to set the sort order style of a default Browse procedure. Sort order style is defined as the way you navigate from one sort value to the next based on the number of keys that you designate for the Browse. You can select from the following options:

Which selection style?

Choose from Tabs, Drop List, or Popup menu.

The Tabs selection uses tab controls to signal the list box that a new sort order is to be applied. The Drop List option populates a drop list control that contains the sort order selections of the selected Browse Box control. The Popup menu option stores the sort order selections in a popup menu, which is accessed when right-clicking on the Browse Box (List Box) control, or pressing the Sort Order button that is created. In addition, Popup menu enables the following additional options for the Sort Order button:


Enter the default text to display on the Sort Order button.


Enter an icon file or equate that you wish to use for the Sort Order button.


Enter a default cursor file or equate that you wish to use for the Sort Order button. This cursor will be displayed when the mouse moves over the button area.


Enter a default hot key to use to automatically call the Sort Order button.


Enter a default message to use for the Sort Order button. This text will appear by default in the window's status bar.


Enter a tool tip message for the Sort Order button. This text will appear when the mouse is moved over the button.


Activate the Flat check box to give the Sort Order button a flat appearance.

Activate the Skip check box to disable tabbing to the Sort Order button.

Select a Justification mode to designate where the icon (if any) will appear in relation to the button text.

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