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This dialog is useful if you are using the IP Driver addon product, and accessible through the Browse Box Procedure Properties > Browse Box Behavior > Extended Options.

The IP Driver is used for data access and transfer over an IP protocol. More information regarding this powerful addon can be found at the SoftVelocity web site.

Use MRP (Multiple Request Packet)

The IP Driver Version 2.0 introduced the use of Multiple Request Packets (MRP). MRPs are designed to improve the performance of data transfer via IP protocol, by packaging multiple requests (records) into a single IP data packet.

If MRP use is set to ON in a BROWSE procedure, the IP Driver returns a full page of records from the server, instead of one record at a time. In a Report or Process, the MRP is set to the value of RecordsPerCycle. The MRP reduces the roundtrips to the server dramatically. However, if you are doing hand-coded file access for each record read (i.e., NEXT, GET, ADD, PUT, etc.) inside the LOOP structure used to fill the List control, or during a Report or Process Procedure, set this checkbox to FALSE (unchecked).

For more information, see the following related properties and methods:

UseMRPUseMRP_IPD_Multiple_Request_Packet_Support_, SetUseMRPSetUseMRP_set_UseMRP_value_BC, GetUseMRPGetUseMRP_get_UseMRP_value_BC

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