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#TEMPLATE( name, description ) [, PRIVATE ] [, FAMILY( sets ) ]


#TEMPLATE Begins the Template set.
name The name of the Template set which uniquely identifies it for the Template Registry and Template Language statements. This must be a valid Clarion label.
description A string constant describing the Template set for the Template Registry and Application Generator.
PRIVATE Prevents re-generation from the Template Registry.
FAMILY Names the other Template sets in which the #TEMPLATE is valid for use.
sets A string constant containing a comma delimited list of the names of other Template sets in which the #TEMPLATE is valid for use.

The #TEMPLATE statement marks the beginning of a Template set. This should be the first non-comment statement in the Template file. The Template Registry allows multiple Template sets to be registered for the Application Generator.

Each Template Code Section (#APPLICATION, #PROGRAM, #MODULE, #PROCEDURE, #CONTROL, #CODE, #EXTENSION, and #GROUP) within a Template is uniquely identified by its #TEMPLATE statement's name and the name of the section. This allows different Template sets to contain Template Code Sections with names that duplicate those in other Template sets without ambiguity, and allows the programmer to concurrently use Template sets from multiple sources to generate applications.


#TEMPLATE(SampleTemplate,'This is a sample Template'),PRIVATE,FAMILY('ABC')



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