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The Start Page displays a list of the most recently accessed files (Applications, Dictionaries, Diagrams, Tables and Source Files). You can open the Start Page using the leftmost (1st) toolbar button on the main IDE window, or from the main menu View→Show Start Page.

Each of the categories displays a list of the most recently used files of that category.

The Start Page provides the following actions for each category:

Open opens a file dialog so you can access a file not listed on the Start Page
New opens a New File dialog so that you can create a new file
Browse Found only in the Tables category, used to open any ISAM database table
DeleteStartPage Removes the item from the Start Page
OpenFolderStartPage open Windows Explorer to the folder where the item is located
IconDelete.jpg Closes the Pick List without selecting a file or IDE component.
F1 Key Calls this window.
Remove missing recents from the list Check this box to automatically remove from the list all items where a corresponding file is not found on disk. This is useful if you have renamed or removed files prior to opening the Start Page.

To open any web site, enter the URL in the address bar.Use the arrow icons to navigate forward and back between web pages. You can also stop or refresh any web page activity, navigate directly to the SoftVelocity home page, or access a web search page.

To the right of the address bar, the New Window icon is used to open a new browser window.

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