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The purpose of the Diagrammer Reports View is to give you a powerful visual comparison of key elements in your dictionary. With the Reports View, you can easily locate discrepancies or differences between common dictionary elements across all tables.

To access the Reports View in the Dictionary Diagrammer, press the Reports View button located on the Diagrammer Toolbar:


This will open up a series of Summary Data Grid Views of key components of all tables in the active DCT:

Regarding the column headers in the View:

·CLICK and DRAG to reposition.

·CLICK to sort by that column.

·SHIFT + CLICK to add another column to the current sort.

·CTRL + CLICK to remove a column from the active sort.

Press the Print button on the Diagrammer toolbar to print the current View.


Due to a variety of recent upgrades and improvements in the Dictionary Editor, you will need to reconvert your C6 Dictionaries (DCTs) to the new C7 format. Please feel free to discard your previous C7 DCT versions. This is required for the proper operation of the new Reports View.

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