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The Smart Indentation options located in the Text Editor behavior section can be customized in more detail as follows:


Preferred column

Identifies the preferred column position of indentation, if the line to be indented is not based on a Parent keyword (e.g., CODE, IF, CASE, etc.).

Continuous line indent multiplier

Indicates how the next line will be indented relatively to the current line if the current line contains a line continuation character (|). Values range is 0 ' 10.

Enable entered line formatting

Indents a line after the Enter key is pressed at the end of the line.

Format text after pasting several lines

Auto format according to your current settings when several lines of text are pasted.

Indent comments

Indicates that any commented text will be treated as other non-commented text based on the current settings. For example, if the “pasting” option is active below, comments will be indented when pasting. If this option is off, comments will not be indented when pasting.

Don't indent comments started of the first column

Indicates that any single line comment that started on the first column will not be indented even if the Indent comments option is enabled.

Code Statements

Indent statements from CODE

Allows indentation to be positioned relative to the location of the CODE statement.

Indent OF, OROF and ELSE statements from CASE

Controls how OF, OROF and ELSE statements will be indented inside the CASE structure.

Treat statement ends with colon as label

This option tells the editor to treat expressions that ends with a colon ( : ) as a statement label in the CODE section. If this option is off, expressions ending with a colon are treated as a procedure call. You need to have the caret position at the beginning of the target statement, and then press Enter. With option on, statement is moved to column one on the next line. With this option off, the statement is indented.

Format block of code after END

Auto format (e.g. indent according to your settings) a block of code when enter is pressed after END keyword

Format block of code after END only in CODE section

Auto format (e.g. indent according to your settings) a block of code inside CODE section when is pressed after END keyword.

Indent PROGRAM/MEMBER statements to

Controls how PROGRAM and MEMBER statements will be indented.

Indent NAMESPACE statement to

Controls how NAMESPACE statements will be indented.

Indent USING statement to

Controls how USING statements will be indented.

Indent MAP statement to

Controls how MAP statements will be indented.

Indent PRAGMA and SECTION statements to

Controls how PRAGMA and SECTION statements will be indented.

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