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destination = source


destination The label of a variable or runtime property.
source A numeric or string constant, variable, procedure, expression, or data structure property.

The = sign assigns the value of source to the destination; it copies the value of the source expression into the destination variable. If destination and source are different data types, the value the destination receives from the source is dependent upon the Data Conversion Rules.


StringVar  STRING(10)

LongVar    LONG

RealVar    REAL


StringVar = 'JONES'             !Variable = string constant

RealVar = 3.14159               !Variable = numeric constant

RealVar = SQRT(1 - Sine * Sine) !Variable = procedure return value

LongVar = B + C + 3             !Variable = numeric expression

StringVar = CLIP(FirstName) & ' ' Initial & '. ' & LastName

                                !Variable = string expression

StringVar = '10'                !Assign numeric data to string then

Longvar = StringVar             !Automatic data conversion results

                                !and Longvar will contain: 10

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