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SETLAYOUT( window , layout )


SETLAYOUT Dynamically sets the window or report orientation.
window Label of a WINDOW, APPLICATION or REPORT structure, or a value of the reference variable of the type &WINDOW, or a procedure parameter of the type WINDOW, or a built-in TARGET variable.
layout A BYTE value or variable that specifies the window orientation. Zero (0) sets a left-to-right layout and one (1) sets a right-to-left layout.

SETLAYOUT is valid for WINDOWs and REPORTs only. It allows you to change the window or report layout both before and after opening them.

SETLAYOUT is equivalent to window{PROP:Layout}=n but is a little more efficient. Windows or reports that are not opened cannot be used as a value of the built-in TARGET variable. So, the call:


will ONLY change the layout of the active opened window in the current thread. If there are no active windows in the current thread ,it is implicitly applied to the MDI frame window (if it exists), or simply ignored otherwise.


SETLAYOUT(QuickWindow,1)     !Set up right-to-left orientation

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