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SetFont( FontName , FontSize , FontStyle , FontCharSet , FontAngle , FontColor )


FontName A string constant or variable containing the name of the font.
FontSize An integer constant or variable containing the size (in points) of the font. If omitted, the system default font size is used.
FontStyle An integer constant, constant expression, EQUATE, or variable specifying the strike weight and style of the font. If omitted, the weight is normal.
FontCharSet A LONG integer variable specifying the character set value
FontAngle An integer constant or constant expression that specifies the amount of rotation, in tenths of degrees. If positive, the angle is measured counter-clockwise from the report's horizontal orientation. Valid values are between 3600 and -3600
FontColor A LONG integer constant or variable containing the red, green, and blue values for the color of the font in the low-order three bytes, or an EQUATE for a standard Windows color value. If omitted, black is used.

The SetFont method is used to set the default font used for the active MENUBAR.


The method is not called anywhere within the MenuStyleManager Class. It is an optional method that can be used by the developer to detect and possibly change the menu font at runtime.

Return Data Type:     STRING

See Also:     GetFont( get menu text font)

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