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RTF( savetarget )


RTF Declare a TEXT field with RTF attributes.
savetarget A byte or EQUATE that specifies that the TEXT control will be saved to a Field (TEXT:FIELD or 0) or File (TEXT:FILE or 1)

The RTF attribute declares a TEXT control as one with Rich Text Control attributes. The necessary code is generated and used to manipulate the text within the control as Rich Text. This attribute is valid in Clarion Win32 Windows, and also for REPORT structures in both Clarion Win32 and Clarion#.

Clarion's implementation of Rich Text allows the rich text field to be saved to a field or a separate text file. The minimum size of a target field is 256 characters. This is needed in order to maintain the rich text header information. If the field contains a lot of formatting a larger field size will be needed.

The components of a rich text control include a Toolbar, Format Bar, and Ruler. These components of the rich text control are optional. They may be shown or hidden at runtime. They default to showing at runtime. The bars may not be modified at design time in the window formatter. When the control is placed on the window, it is a basic TEXT control.

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