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The conversion of prior C6 version applications to C7 is fairly straightforward.

As you select the application file to convert, an automatic backup file is made with an *.6app extension. Your C6 dictionary is also backed up with a *.6dct extension.

The conversion process is quick and automatic. However, some early version applications may post the following message at the end of the conversion:


This indicates that some WINDOW or REPORT structures may have syntax errors that need to be manually corrected in the new C7 Application Generator environment. The process is fairly simple.

First, identify the problem procedure. They are clearly marked with the following procedure icon:


Next, access the Window or Report structure as needed. Highlight the target procedure and press the Window or Report button. If the Window or Report has a syntax problem, the Designer will not auto-load, and you will be redirected to the Properties dialog.

The Window or Report button in the Properties dialog should be disabled. Press the ellipsis button to correct the converted target structure.


Here is a sample REPORT structure, where the Report Date, Report Time, and Report Page control templates contain an extraneous USE variable attribute. For example, look at the following structure.



The number in the ERROR comment is not an error code. It simply refers to the column position in the line above where the error was detected.

The items highlighted in yellow need to be removed. After doing so, press the Save and Close button to save and write your changes:


Here is how the correct REPORT structure appears:


At this point, the Report or Window button is now enabled as appropriate, and you are now ready to access the Window or Report Designers as needed.


The conversion errors for REPORTs are generally caused by the Report Date, Report Time, and Report Page control templates. After correcting the structure once, you can copy and paste your corrections to the other similar report procedures and save time.

In addition after the procedure is saved, you are now able to re-enter the Window Editor or Designer and change the USE variable field equates as needed.

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