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Reset( filename )


Reset Resets the ASCIIFileClass object.
filename The label of the ASCIIFile property's NAME attribute variable.

The Reset method resets the ASCIIFileClass object and returns a value indicating whether the end user selected a file or did not select a file. A return value of one (1) indicates a file was selected and filename contains its pathname; a retun value of zero (0) indicates no file was selected and filename is empty.


The Reset method calls the GetDOSFileName method to get the filename from the end user. Reset opens the file and resets any statistics and flags associated with the selected file.

Return Data Type:     BYTE


AsciiViewerClass.Reset FUNCTION(*STRING Filename)




 IF ~PARENT.Reset(Filename) THEN RETURN False.





See Also:ASCIIFile, GetDOSFilename

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