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The latest help for the current Clarion ReportWriter (ClarionRW.CHM) can be found at the following link:

( note that Windows OS protection features can block opening of external Help files, you can access the Help for the new ReportWriter from the Clarion program group in the Start menu, or from within ReportWriter). This topic refers only to the legacy ReportWriter product, delivered for consistent backward compatibility. The legacy ReportWriter is (optionally) installed in the \%ROOT%\BIN folder. It can be accessed from a shortcut in your Start Menu Program Group. Importing Dictionary Information The legacy ReportWriter works with the Clarion Dictionary's TXD format. You can export your Clarion DCT to TXD format by choosing Export to text** in the DCT Explorer toolbar. When saving, change the extension to .TXD in the Save File dialog.


The Clarion dictionary support for TXD export is provided solely for compatibility with legacy Report Writer and is “export only”. Except for use with ReportWriter you should use the new DCTX XML format when working in Clarion Win32. You cannot import a .TXD file created in Clarion Win32, and an error is reported if you attempt to do so.

More information regarding legacy ReportWriter in general can be found in the ReportWriter core help file included in this Clarion Win32 install.

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