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QUOTE( string , flag)


QUOTE Expands (or unpacks) string data
string A string constant or variable containing the properties to parse.
flag An unsigned integer that controls the method of unpacking.

The way that QUOTE processes the string is based on the flag parameter.

If the flag parameter is set to 0 (default), the QUOTE procedure returns the string contained in the symbol with all single quotes ('), un-paired left angle brackets (<;), and un-paired left curly braces ({) “doubled up” to prevent compiler errors. Non-printable characters are replaced with <;n> sequences, where n is a character code. 10 or more repeated characters are replaced with a a{n} sequence, where a is a character and n is the number of times that the character is repeated.

If the flag parameter is set to 1, QUOTE unpacks {} and <;> sequences if the sequence inside the {} or <;> is numeric and doubles all single quotes (').

This allows the user to enter string constants containing apostrophes, and filter expressions containing less than signs (<;) without requiring that they enter two of each.

Return Data Type:     STRING


stringvar1  STRING('<;250>')

stringvar2  STRING('<;display text>')

stringvar3  STRING(30)


 MESSAGE(QUOTE(stringvar1,0))  !returns accented u

 MESSAGE(QUOTE(stringvar1,1))  !returns accented u

 MESSAGE(QUOTE(stringvar2,0))  !returns '<;<;display text>'

 MESSAGE(QUOTE(stringvar2,1))  !returns '<;display text>'

 stringvar3 = 'label{{PROP:text} = value'

 MESSAGE(QUOTE(stringvar3,0))  !returns 'label{{PROP:text} = value'

 MESSAGE(QUOTE(stringvar3,1))  !returns 'label{PROP:text} = value'

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