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QUOTE( symbol )


QUOTE Expands the symbol's string data, “doubling up” single quotes ('), and all un-paired left angle brackets (<;) and left curly braces ({) to prevent compiler errors.
symbol The symbol containing the properties to parse.

The QUOTE procedure returns the string contained in the symbol with all single quotes ('), un-paired left angle brackets (<;), and un-paired left curly braces ({) “doubled up” to prevent compiler errors. This allows the user to enter string constants containing apostrophes, and filter expressions containing less than signs (<;) without requiring that they enter two of each.

Return Data Type:     STRING


#PROMPT('Filter Expression',@S255),%FilterExpression

#SET(%ValueConstruct,QUOTE(%FilterExpression))  #!Expand single quotes and angle brackets

See Also:     UNQUOTE

Built-In Template Procedures

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